Benefits of Advertising on the Radio

Advertising on the radio offers many opportunities to reach your customers, especially if you find the programming that they love. Radio ads can be less expensive than other medias and easy to produce getting you more bang for your buck. Researching your market to find the right stations is key, but once you’re able to connect with listeners, you can find loyal customers and produce noteworthy results with a well-planned radio ad campaign.

Listener Loyalty

Radio listeners have their favorite channels to which they usually show great loyalty. Some like the sports opinions on AM radio, others can’t do the drive home with the oldies station. For any programming format, loyal listeners will know about the products advertised on their favorite stations and often seek to frequent the businesses advertised during their favorite shows or listening hours. Another great benefit of radio is that broadcast radio is free, so its not going away no matter what anyone says.

Target Markets

Chances are the product you’re advertising has a target market that enjoys a radio market in your area. If your client is older, classical, classic rock, easy listening and current affairs talk radio are more likely to reach your audience. You can reach young people through rock, R&B and country music stations. Sports programming is a great way to reach men of any age. Research the listening habits of your customers to find out which station is most likely to meet the demographic you are targeting.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Radio ads can be faster and cheaper to make, which gives you the options of advertising weekly sales, weekend specials, promotional events and other current information. Plus, its easier to lock in favorable scheduling with radio ads, giving you the opportunity to target your markets at the most optimal time. “What I like about radio ads is that since there’s no visual images, it’s easier to be creative and get the listener imagining using and enjoying the product,” said Drew Slover, owner of Slover Consulting in Jacksonville, Fla.

A Captive Audience

American’s spend many hours a week in their cars and drivers are captive audiences. Radio ads often have the advantage of being one of the last messages a listener hear before making a purchase, which is useful for restaurants, grocery and retail stores and automobile dealers. Target when potential customers are most likely going to be listening. For example, if a grocery stores want to target after work drive times, when people might stop to buy food for home. Auto dealers can get better response on weekends, when people are more inclined to look for a car. Finding the best times to reach your customer will produce the most success in your radio ad campaign.